PKP offers a full suite of external support options for users of OJS and OMP who wish to use their own servers. Our plans include unlimited support assistance from our support team as well as a fixed number of yearly hours from our systems team that can be applied towards system patching, upgrades, and training.


  • Use your own infrastructure to host OJS or OMP
  • Use your own backup mechanisms
  • Let us take care of application maintenance (upgrades, permissions checks, etc.)


  • We currently only work with Linux/Unix variants
  • We require SSH access to the server (root access not required)
  • We expect access to modern command-line tools for install, file and database management

For further information, please contact us

  Bronze Support Silver Support Gold Support Notes
Requirements for support:        
SSH Access Required Required Required  
OS Support Options:        
Operating System Linux/Unix variants only. Linux/Unix variants only. Linux/Unix variants only. Outside of Platinum support, PKP|PS only supports PKP application maintenance. Support options below do not apply to OS- or network-level support queries.
OS Consultation No No Yes Setup assistance, environmental scan, configuration of OJS. Also: consultation with upgrades/changes to their local environment.
General Support Options:        
Service/uptime support tickets (PKP Application): Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Support tickets are answered within 1 business day.
Extended Support Tickets 3 6 9 "Extended Support tickets" are equivalent to one hour worth of work and are applicable to non-customizations tasks. Common tickets would include a simple upgrade (2-3hrs); upgrade of site with previous modifications (5-6hrs); training sessions (1-3+hrs); etc.
Skype access to technicians no yes yes  
Priority bug fixes no yes yes Bugs identified in your system will be prioritized with our development team, and a fix will be applied to your install immediately on completion.
Priority feature requests no no yes 15 hours per year; sponsored development requests only.
Value-Added options:        
LOCKSS Preservation yes yes yes  
Full CrossRef Membership Support no no yes  
Yearly cost $5,000 USD $10,000 USD $15,000 USD