With the pandemic, 2020 presented challenges to everyone, including scholars, publishers, and educational institutions. Despite these challenges, the scholarly community continued to publish important research and broaden the impact of their work. In fact, shrinking institutional budgets inspired renewed interest in open access publishing and supporting open scholarly infrastructure. In the past year, PKP Publishing Services (PKP|PS) saw significant growth in the number of journals using our hosting services and investing in open infrastructure by working with us.

In 2020, we welcomed 62 new clients and 156 new journals from around the world, with the most significant growth in North America. This includes 58 journals of the University of British Columbia Library (Canada), a long term partner and the original host institution of PKP; the growing journal program of Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong); the historic GEUS Bulletin (Denmark); and the eye-catching Lucerne Open Serials journal cognitio (Switzerland). The interactive map below shows where our new clients in 2020 are geographically located.


The addition of these journals brings the total number of journals and presses we host to 719 and the total active clients to 392.

We also introduced more support and resources for our clients, including launching our Publishing Services quarterly client newsletter, making videos that demonstrate new features of our software, and beginning a project to upgrade all hosted OJS 2 installations to OJS 3. Contact PKP|PS to subscribe to the newsletter. In addition to this, PKP developed and improved several guides for all OJS users, including our hosted clients, on scholarly publishing best practices and how to get the most out of OJS and other PKP software and services.

New Guides

Significant revisions to existing guides:

In 2021-2022 we look forward to expanding our sales and marketing efforts to further grow PKP|PS, offering multilingual support and training to our clients, implementing more features requested by our clients in OJS/OMP/OPS 3.4, and continuing the OJS 2 to OJS 3 upgrades project.

For more PKP updates from the past year, please see the PKP: 2020 Annual Report and watch the AGM Recording.