A complete online version of the updated Hosting Agreement can be found on the PKP|PS website or by contacting support@publicknowledgeproject.org


Updated July 2022

Reference to PKP Services has been updated to PKP to reflect the formal affiliation with Simon Fraser University.

Schedule “B” – Severity Classification and Response Time Goals have been added to provide clarification on severity level classification and response time goals for Client requests/ tickets.

Updated Terms

3.2 Renewal.

  • Agreements will automatically be renewed for an additional 12-month term at the end of the Initial Term.

3.3 Termination for Default.

  • Indicates that PKP may terminate this agreement by giving written notice if the client fails to pay the amount due under the agreement and remains in default for over sixty (60) days.

3.4 Termination for Convenience.

  • The number of days of written notice required was changed from one hundred and eighty days (180) days to ninety (90) days. Clarified which situations where refunds will be issued.

4.3 Taxes.

  • Clarifies situations where taxes and duties are applicable

6.3 Written Request and Supporting Information.

  • Clarifies support options available to Clients and added reference to Schedule “B” – Severity Classification and Response Time Goals

10.3 Dispute Resolution.

  • Identifies who can negotiate on behalf of each party to work together to jointly provide a resolution.

New Terms

3.7 Support Option Changes.

  • Outlines of which plan level upgrades and downgrades are available along with how pro-rated fees will be charged.

4.2 Consequence of Non-Payment.

  • Indicates that PKP may temporarily deactivate the Client’s Supported Software if the invoice remains in default for over 60 days and will charge an administrative fee to reactivate the Client Supported Software.

5.4 Confidentiality Statement.

  • Hosting Agreement to include a standard confidentiality clause.

6.4 Maintaining Primary and Billing Contacts

  • Outlines Client’s responsibility to maintain active contacts for their accounts.

8.2 Data Retention

  • Clarifies how long PKP will retain Clients’ data after termination.