Client Stories

Curious about how PKP|PS might be able to help you? Take a look at these client stories to find out how some of our clients benefit from our services.

OJS Hosting: Enterprise Plan

RILEM Technical Letters, the open access journal of the International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, makes great use of their Enterprise plan. The journal has SSL enabled; is using OJS 3 with a theme customized by PKP|PS; has DOIs for all published articles; and has received extensive support to make the most of OJS’s many features.

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OJS Hosting: Professional Plan

The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), the largest division of the American Library Association, hosts its journals with PKP|PS using the Professional plan. They received a full consultation on setting up their OJS instance; customization support for advertisements; a customized, responsive OJS 2 theme for each journal (based on the excellent work by Mason Publishing Team); and ongoing support for questions as they popped up. Having daily on-site and weekly off-site backups, on a commercial-grade server that is monitored 24/7, was also an important consideration for ACRL.

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OJS Hosting: Basic Plan

The Journal of Artistic & Creative Education is a great example of what a journal can do with our Basic hosting plan. JACE is hosted on our shared OJS server, but it appears online as a standalone journal. It uses one of our free themes, with some modifications, to create its distinctive, elegant look. Each issue in JACE’s archives has a cover image that echoes the journal’s artistic style. And, most importantly, OJS’s robust discoverability capabilities ensure that JACE is properly indexed in Google Scholar and elsewhere.

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Sponsored Development

When the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services migrated from bepress to OJS a few years ago, PKP|PS provided hosting for their journals, but also undertook a custom development project to create a plugin that would import bepress content directly into OJS. Part of the stipulation of the work, which UMN was happy to support, was that the resulting plugin would be released as open source so that anyone in similar circumstances would be able to use it, free of charge. Taking advantage of our inside knowledge of OJS’s data structures, PKP|PS’s expert staff were able to build the plugin and ensure that no data was lost in the transition.

A true open source, community-drive success story, PKP|PS’s partnership with UMN helped them to achieve their goal of moving their content from bepress to OJS with relative ease and funded the development of a new open source tool that has since helped others in a similar situation.

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Consulting Services

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OMP Hosting

Cappelen Damm Akademisk uses Open Monograph Press (OMP) to publish their open access academic monograph series. OMP manages their submissions and editorial process, and provides them with a clear picture of who is reading and downloading their books. Readers can browse featured publications, search by category, and download complete books free of charge. And thanks to the fact that PKP develops OJS and OMP in close conjunction, Cappelen Damm Akademisk was able to develop a common theme for their press and journals, uniting their open access content under their existing brand.

PKP|PS ensures that Cappelen Damm Akademisk has the server performance, privacy, and security a large European publisher requires.

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OCS Hosting

The Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) uses Open Conference Systems (OCS) to manage its annual conference. OCS provides CSSE with the ability to issue calls for papers, review proposals, accept (or decline) them, and manage the conference as a whole. Importantly, OCS keeps a list of all past conference participants, and makes it easy for CSSE to invite them to the next conference.

PKP|PS provides CSSE with trouble-free hosting of their OCS instance, and with the technical support needed to ensure it operates effectively.

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OHS Hosting

The DART-Europe E-theses portal is powered by Open Harvester Systems (OHS). OHS is capable of indexing thousands, if not millions of metadata records, and can deliver them to visitors or services sorted by organization, title, date, etc. PKP|PS works with DART-Europe to ensure that their OHS instance performs regardless of the amount of data it stores or the number of research institutions it interacts with.

PKP|PS hosts the portal and ensures that OHS properly integrates DART-Europe`s display interface in a modern web environment.

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