PKP experts provide consulting on a range of other services. We can help you export your existing content, implement a new graphic design, run a training session for your editors, or provide a complete security audit of your current server environment. 

If you are hosting your PKP software with us or hosting it on your own, we can still help you with additional publishing and technical details, including:

  • answering your questions about PKP software (OJS, OMP, or OCS)
  • recommending best practices for managing your PKP installations
  • providing a security audit of your server environment and PKP installations
  • exporting your content out of PKP software
  • importing content into OJS, OMP, or OCS
  • providing a custom-tailored training session for your editorial team (online or in-person)
  • reviewing options for increasing journal reach and expanding your audience
  • preserving your digital content (backups, archives, preservation networks)
  • discussing best practices for publishing online and/or implementing an open access model

Contact us to find out more.

Note: PKP|PS clients receive free consulation and support time towards these services as part of their hosted package. For non-hosted clients an hourly fee will apply.