OJS Basic Hosting

The Basic plan is a good fit for those with limited financial resources but plenty of internal expertise. We provide you with hosting, upgrades, backups, and support when you need it, but journal set-up and customization are up to you.

Clients with a Basic hosting plan receive:

  • Shared OJS installation on a Vancouver-based commercial server
  • Email-based technical support
  • Latest version of OJS 3
  • Free upgrades
  • Free PKP School training courses for journal setup, workflow, theming, etc.
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Daily on-site and weekly off-site backups
  • Support for custom domain names
  • Free PKP|PS-developed themes
  • Inclusion in the PKP Index
  • Inclusion in PKP’s Preservation Network (LOCKSS)

$850/journal per year


Client Story: Journal of Artistic & Creative Education

The Journal of Artistic & Creative Education is a great example of what a journal can do with our Basic hosting plan. JACE is hosted on our shared OJS server, but it appears online as a standalone journal. It uses one of our free themes, with some modifications, to create its distinctive, elegant look. Each issue in JACE’s archives has a cover image that echoes the journal’s artistic style. And, most importantly, OJS’s robust discoverability capabilities ensure that JACE is properly indexed in Google Scholar and elsewhere.


Please contact us to find out more about OJS Basic Hosting.