Other Services


OCS Hosting

Open Conference Systems (OCS) offers a complete web presence for academic conferences. PKP|PS can host your OCS and provide you with a permanent home for recurring conferences or a short-term space for a one-time event.

Client Story: Canadian Society for the Study of Education

The Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) uses Open Conference Systems (OCS) to manage its annual conference. OCS provides CSSE with the ability to issue calls for papers, review proposals, accept (or decline) them, and manage the conference as a whole. Importantly, OCS keeps a list of all past conference participants, and makes it easy for CSSE to invite them to the next conference.

PKP|PS provides CSSE with trouble-free hosting of their OCS instance, and with the technical support needed to ensure it operates effectively.

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OHS Hosting

Open Harvester Systems (OHS) is an indexing system for OJS, OCS and other OAI-compliant archives. PKP|PS can host your OHS and provide you with the support you need to create a searchable index of your content.

Check out our Client Stories page to see how DART-Europe benefits from our OHS Hosting service.

Client Story: DART-Europe

The DART-Europe E-theses portal is powered by Open Harvester Systems (OHS). OHS is capable of indexing thousands, if not millions of metadata records, and can deliver them to visitors or services sorted by organization, title, date, etc. PKP|PS works with DART-Europe to ensure that their OHS instance performs regardless of the amount of data it stores or the number of research institutions it interacts with.

PKP|PS hosts the portal and ensures that OHS properly integrates DART-Europe`s display interface in a modern web environment.

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External Support

PKP|PS selectively provides support and application maintenance to clients who wish to host PKP software on their own servers. Some technical requirements apply.

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