Sponsored Development

Is our software missing missing a feature or component that you need? PKP|PS can develop it for you in a way that both meets your requirements and helps us improve our open-source tools. This way both you and our whole community of users can benefit from it. You don’t need to be a hosted client to sponsor development.

Client StorY: UNiversity of Minnesota Library

When the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services migrated from bepress to OJS a few years ago, PKP|PS provided hosting for their journals, but also undertook a custom development project to create a plugin that would import bepress content directly into OJS. Part of the stipulation of the work, which UMN was happy to support, was that the resulting plugin would be released as open source so that anyone in similar circumstances would be able to use it, free of charge. Taking advantage of our inside knowledge of OJS’s data structures, PKP|PS’s expert staff were able to build the plugin and ensure that no data was lost in the transition.

A true open source, community-drive success story, PKP|PS’s partnership with UMN helped them to achieve their goal of moving their content from bepress to OJS with relative ease and funded the development of a new open source tool that has since helped others in a similar situation.

Please contact us to find out more about sponsoring development.