Training Request - External

We are looking forward to providing training on how to use Open Journal Systems (OJS). Please fill out this form to help us understand what you want to learn and give you training that is most helpful to you and your team.
  • Please enter a link to your OJS journal. If the journal is not yet live, please enter a link to the publishing organization's website.
  • Terms of the Agreement
    • The training session will be delivered in Zoom at a time agreed upon by PKP Publishing Services and the Client.
    • The Client can include up to 10 members of their editorial team in the session.
    • The session can be recorded on the client’s request and the recording can be made available to the client. Access to the recording must be limited to those involved in the publishing of the journal for training purposes and the recording must not be shared with any outside party.
    • The training session will cover the topics noted in this form and any other topics agreed on over email.
    • The Trainer will answer questions from participants in the session within the allotted time frame, but cannot guarantee having answers to questions that are outside the scope of topics included above.
    • The Trainer will send follow-up resources to the client by email after the training session, such as relevant PKP documentation.
    • If the Client wishes to receive further training or have additional questions answered, they can arrange another session or consultation for an additional fee.
    • Training will be conducted on a demonstration OJS site hosted by PKP Publishing Services, on the same major version of OJS as the Client's site.
    • The client will pay an agreed upon fee for the training session, based on length of training session and necessary preparation time.
    • PKP Publishing Services will send the Client an invoice for the agreed upon amount after the training session is complete. The invoice can be paid by credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, or cheque.
  • Please include the address that we should add to the invoice.