You’ve likely come across student journals within your field or institution. If not, you might in the near future as the number of student journals across academic institutions is rising steadily albeit slowly.

There are many reasons why students at all academic levels choose to take part in existing student journals or start their own. Many student editors look to contribute to their field of study and gain transferable skills. Others have started their own journal to respond to a community need and address the underrepresentation of marginalized communities within academia. 

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) sponsored the 7th annual Student Journal Forum (SJF) in February 2022. This online event showcased many impressive and dedicated student journals across Canada. The presentations were centered on the following themes: Journal Growth, Equity in Publishing, Journal Management, Decolonizing academic journals and their processes. 

Some of the presentations focused on how student journals facilitate learning about the publishing process and the various roles involved. This opportunity is beneficial not only for students but also for the publishing ecosystem. Student journals can help students gain experience as authors, reviewers, and editors for the future.  

Editors from the SFU ED Review shared some great tips for students interested in getting started with student journals. They suggested talking to the existing student editorial team and staying up to date on your field. Students looking to start their own journals can also contact their Digital Initiatives Librarian or Scholarly Communications Librarian. Their library may offer technical support, such as hosting, software support, or digital preservation services.

Many student journals presented in this event use OJS provided by their institutions. While many institutions across North America offer OJS hosting for faculty and student journals, some may lack the technical or staff capacity to offer this service and may benefit from PKP Publishing Services fee-based service, which provides the installation and hosting of OJS. Libraries or Institutions interested in offering journal hosting are welcome to contact us for more information on our Institutional hosting plan and free student journal hosting included with this plan.

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